Sydney Japanese International School’s Family Fun Day: a day of joy and reunion

The Sydney Japanese International School (SJIS) transformed into a lively carnival of laughter, joy, and reunion as it hosted its annual Family Fun Day on 21 October.

Organised by the SJIS Parents and Teachers’ Association and a dedicated subcommittee, the event was a blend of cultural diversity and community spirit.

Each class at SJIS took part in making the day memorable, setting up stalls and activities for all to enjoy. From the Kid’s cafe to mini games like water yoyo and ring toss, and a Kids shop featuring second-hand books and toys, there was something to entertain every member of the family. The aroma of Japanese curry, and the popular Haunted House added a thrilling twist to the day’s festivities.

One of the highlights of the event was the performances by SJIS’s after-school clubs. The young talents showcased their skills in various activities, including cheerleading, guitar school, karate, and choir. These performances added an extra layer of entertainment and cultural enrichment to the event, making it a day to remember for all attendees.

One of the heart-warming aspects of the Family Fun Day was the presence of SJIS alumni. Many former students visited the school, rekindling old memories and forging new connections. It was a nostalgic sight to see the alumni strolling through the campus, reminiscing about their school days, and reconnecting with their teachers and friends. This reunion was a testament to the strong sense of community that SJIS fosters, and it was a reminder of the enduring bonds formed within the school.

The grand finale of the event was the performance by the teachers’ musical band, aptly named the ‘Sensei-tionals’. They entertained the audience with a repertoire of Australian and Japanese songs, including the iconic ‘I am Australian’. The crowd cheered and sang along, and the teachers’ band left a lasting impression with their melodious tunes.

The SJIS Family Fun Day was not only about fun and entertainment; it was a celebration of diversity and unity. It showcased the fusion of Japanese and Australian cultures, a reflection of the school’s unique identity.

The event’s success can be attributed to the dedicated efforts of the SJIS Parents and Teachers’ Association and the subcommittee, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the day was a resounding success.

It was a day that brought together past and present students, parents, teachers, and friends in a spirit of unity and joy. It encapsulated the essence of SJIS, making it a day that will be fondly remembered by all who were fortunate to be part of it.

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