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Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s reputation is built upon a tradition of academic excellence and leadership in the education of young women.
In 2013, 14.35 per cent of Brisbane Girls Grammar School students attained an OP1 and 46.52 per cent an OP 1-5.

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As an academically non-selective school, these impressive results reflect the school’s positive learning culture, the dedication of students and the rigorous teaching delivered by expert and caring staff.
A girl’s education is not defined by academic successes alone though. This is why the school takes a holistic approach to learning that enriches education beyond the purely academic realm by recognising the importance of nurturing talents and interests in all spheres of life.
Principal Jacinda Euler says: “Scholarship is not just a classroom activity; it is as much about attitude and a broader conception of education as it is about traditional methods of learning. A range of opportunities allows girls to discover what makes their hearts sing, to explore worlds outside their own, and to appreciate the need for an open-minded approach to life.
“We seek to provide girls with opportunities to challenge and extend themselves, to nurture a strong sense of service to others and to take their place in the world as balanced, thoughtful and confident young women,” she continues.
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brisbane grammar school girls success whichschool magazine
Fast facts

•       In 2013, almost 95 per cent of Brisbane Girls Grammar School students received their first, second or third university preference. This included 26 university scholarships offered in Queensland, interstate and internationally.
•       The school maintains its commitment to a broad liberal education. From 2015, Year 7s will take Latin as a compulsory subject to provide an insight into history, art and culture as well as a solid foundation for learning other languages and improving English and mathematics skills. In addition, students have the option to learn German, Japanese, Chinese and French and take overseas study tours in order to immerse themselves in language and culture. The Oxbridge Academic Program and Space Camp in Florida provide exciting opportunities to study abroad.
•       More than 700 Grammar girls participate in 18 competitive sports, providing leadership, decision-making and teamwork skills that are highly valued in future careers and life pursuits.
•       The school’s music program offers more than 800 places for students to pursue their musical talents and comprises more than 20 ensembles including bands, choirs, orchestras and chamber groups.
•       Outdoor education is a core component of the curriculum. From entry up until Year 10, students visit Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre each year to participate in a program that encourages them to develop personal characteristics and social and leadership skills.
•        Service clubs support more than 25 local, national and international organisations through their time, energy, fundraising efforts and involvement with charity partners. Activities include preparing food for the homeless, volunteering with sick children and their siblings at the Royal Children’s Hospital and raising funds through student-led events.
•        Brisbane Girls Grammar School is proud of the excellence in teaching and professionalism of its staff. The Centre for Professional Practice and The Centre for Science Research demonstrate the school’s place at the forefront of educational leadership.
•         In 2013, drama students collaborated in the writing, producing, directing and performing of a unique play as part of a project with acclaimed playwright Lachlan Philpott.
•         Notable alumni include cancer researcher Adele Green, Australia’s first female stockbroker Margaret Mittelheuser, Supreme Court judge Margaret McMurdo, sportswoman Daphne Pirie, and actors Angie Milliken and Anna McGahan.

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