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Partnership with Ronald McDonald House inspires Lauries’ students

St Laurence’s College students are providing respite for children with a serious illness as part of the College’s partnership with Ronald McDonald House in South Brisbane.

Ronald McDonald House supports families when they need it the most. When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, the lives of their families are turned upside down and they often need to source alternate accommodation in order to be with their child during the treatment.

During these difficult times, Ronald McDonald House provides families with accommodation at their wonderful facilities and offers food and pastoral support services. Their courageous work allows families to stay together during this stressful period.

Lauries students have engaged with Ronald McDonald House through the Xavier House Faith in Action program as well as the College’s fortnightly student development activities.

This year, Xavier House is facilitating a ‘kids club’ three times per term. Staff and students from the College set up a variety of games and activities, in the hope of providing some respite for the children and families of Ronald McDonald House.

The experience has proven to be positive and mutually beneficial. During the College’s House Ash Wednesday liturgies this year, students reflected on what the Lenten journey meant to them. Year 12 Xavier House Captain Jack Parker spoke about the positive impact that these visits have had on him.

“During a recent visit to the foundation, I met a young girl who was staying at the house with her family. Her resilience and particularly her positivity left quite an impression on me. She greeted each one of us with a smile and an unwavering spirit despite her health. Her courage and grace in the face of adversity serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit,” he said.

“As I reflect on this young person, I am reminded of the Lenten values of sacrifice and solidarity. This Lent, I have chosen to take up the challenge of emulating her positivity and contributing to the wellbeing of others in need. So, I hope that all of you, no matter how tough you may think you have it, can give up or take up something of significance this season. May our actions during this period reflect the love and grace extended to us by our family and peers and may we be inspired by the remarkable resilience of individuals like the young people we have met at Ronald McDonald House.”

St Laurence’s College said it is proud to see the dedication to service in programs such as this which truly reflect on the touchstones of Justice and Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality.

“We are challenged to walk side by side with each person we meet. Ronald McDonald House has opened students’ eyes to the innate dignity that lies at the heart of each person we meet. St Laurence’s College thanks the Ronald McDonald House organisation and community who have accepted the College and its initiatives,” it said.

The College said it is excited by what the future holds with this partnership.

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