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Keeping children connected with learning over the holidays

A Summer Learning Program is currently taking place across Guardian Childcare and Education Centres, with educators providing new experiences each day.

“Children have been having so much fun. Each day, new and engaging hands-on experiences are planned by the incredible educators in each of our Centres,” the organisation said.

Its Summer Learning Program’s attributes include:

Maintaining Social Connections

Through the program, children are supported with a safe environment where they can continue to build upon valuable social and emotional connections with friends and educators over summer.

Continued and Uninterrupted Learning

As children continue to learn over the summer, they’re building on the knowledge and progress they have made during the year. For example, children can continue to express their creativity through art experiences and build on their fine motor skills during our cooking classes!

Additional Support for Families

We know that not everybody can take time off during the holidays. Our Summer Learning program gives families time to focus on what they need to do. It provides an ideal opportunity for parents and carers who may just need some time off at home, to simply unwind and relax.

Here’s some fun things you might like to do as a family over summer:


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