HSC awards highlight success across Independent sector

The Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW) has commended all recipients of a 2023 HSC First in Course award who were recognised last month at a ceremony at the University of Western Sydney.

“All students from every school and sector who achieved a First in Course result deserve praise for an outstanding result,” AISNSW Chief Executive Margery Evans said.

According to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), 53 of the 128 students who received a HSC First in Course award were from Independent schools.

“This is an outstanding result, especially as Independent school students make up only a quarter of all NSW secondary school students,” Ms Evans said.

“Those 53 students came from 40 Independent schools and topped the state in 48 of the 136 HSC First in Course results awarded.”

In some courses, there were joint winners – hence, the number of students exceeding the number of course awards.

Ms Evans said the full spectrum of Independent schools and students were represented among the sector’s First in Course recipients.

“Anglican, Christian, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic, Armenian and non-faith based Independent schools are all represented in 2023.

“Geographically, First in Course recipients have come from Independent schools across suburban and regional areas including Auburn, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Parramatta, Coffs Harbour, Orange, the Hunter, and Lake Macquarie,” she said.

“This is testimony to the dedication of the students and their families and the professionalism and commitment of their teachers and school leaders.

“These results give parents confidence that by choosing an Independent school for their child, they are giving them a great opportunity to achieve their potential.”

Ms Evans said all HSC students deserve credit for overcoming the challenges they faced over the past few years.

“[They] have successfully navigated the pandemic and, in some cases, natural disasters. These experiences have revealed to many students and their families how much stronger and more capable they really are.”

There are 511 Independent schools and campuses in NSW, educating more than 228,000 students or one in six of the state’s school students.

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