Girls Grammar: A broad, liberal education

The Grammar ethos is a unique and keenly relevant approach to secondary schooling in the 21st century. As Principal Jacinda Euler reveals, it provides students with the essential skills to think critically, to pursue tertiary study, and to engage actively and ethically in all aspects of life.

In 1875, six years before women were admitted to Australian universities, Brisbane Girls Grammar School opened to provide girls an education grounded in the broad, liberal Grammar tradition. Its longstanding position as Queensland’s leading girls’ school ensures Grammar girls receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for full and rewarding lives beyond formal schooling.

In a world characterised by uncertainty, technological development and disruption in almost all sectors, the Grammar tradition calls for a balanced and considered approach to preparing young people for the future. While traditional industries evolve and employment structures remain uncertain, Girls Grammar prepares students to be confident, adaptable and equipped to meet any challenge.

There is much more to a quality Grammar education than preparing a ‘workforce for the new economy’. As firm believers in the importance of a holistic environment – where there is rigour in learning, depth in the acquirement of knowledge and ever-increasing sophistication in the development of girls’ ability to think critically and creatively – we know that Grammar girls will be very well prepared for tertiary study and the world of work beyond. While there are still great challenges for many in our society, we maintain that education is the most powerful way to build

a good and just society, and are determined to ensure that well-educated, confident and resilient girls and young women are poised to lead the way.

Inspiring curiosity
With ever-expanding digital connectivity, information access and instantaneity, Girls Grammar is conscious of being responsive, not reactive. Staff constantly reflect upon and recalibrate established, best-practice pedagogy. The school is committed to deep, faculty-based learning, in classrooms where thinking is visible and expert academic staff encourage a growth mindset, building a lifelong love of learning.

As an academically non-selective school – with places offered for Year 7 in strict date order – Girls Grammar remains one of the few schools in Queensland whose entire Year 12 cohort is OP eligible. Its excellent NAPLAN and OP results are testament to its rigorous and supportive learning environment. In 2018, the school achieved the best NAPLAN results in the state across Year 7 and 9, while more than 50 per cent of the Year 12 cohort achieved an OP 1-5 result.

The Dorothy Hill Observatory
Counter to national and global trends, Grammar girls maintain an inherent interest in and aptitude for Science. In 2019, more than 90 per cent of the Year 12 cohort are studying one or more senior science subjects.

The school’s purpose-built Dorothy Hill Observatory, named in honour of alumna, Professor Dorothy Hill – the first female professor at an Australian university and first female President of the Australian Academy of Science – inspires wonder and awe, allowing girls to use professional-grade telescopes to remotely observe and analyse celestial objects from Year 7.

Developing ethical engagement
Appreciative of the privilege of their education, Grammar girls develop a strong awareness of the need to contribute to local and global communities, channelling their intellect and energy to improve society.

A history of giving back
Through immersive learning experiences within and beyond the classroom, teachers encourage independence in students and support them to acquire fundamental life and leadership skills, with an emphasis on resilience and the development of good character.

The School Service program encourages girls to adopt responsibilities from Year 7 and become active citizens. By joining School Service groups, supporting their House or School Charity, or participating in the Year 10 Community Service Program, students lead activities in conjunction with local charities and services. The school raises over $60,000 annually for more than 30 charities through student-led initiatives.

Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education, facilitated at the school’s Marrapatta Memorial Outdoor Education Centre, two hours’ north of Brisbane, is integral to the school’s curriculum. Experienced Outdoor Education staff design learning activities to develop and strengthen students’ personal capacity, social capabilities and understanding of the natural world. The sequential program, run from Years 7 to 9, supports students to build interpersonal and teamwork skills, learn to accept personal responsibility, and set and achieve appropriate goals.

Life-wide learning
From the arts to the sporting arena, Grammar girls strengthen their minds and bodies, readily embrace challenge, and develop grit and determination.

Girls Grammar and Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Since 2018, the school has partnered with Queensland Symphony Orchestra, providing students the extraordinary opportunity to be mentored by, and perform with, some of Australia’s finest musicians.

Students who demonstrate strong musical talent have the chance to work with Queensland Symphony Orchestra musicians throughout 2019 as part of the Prossima Program. Orchestra musicians also rehearse with Girls Grammar ensembles – guiding students in developing their musical skills – as part of the Musical Mentors initiative.

The partnership extends the school’s rich offerings in Music, with more than 900 students in the school’s 32 ensembles.

Fine sportswomen
With over 70 per cent of students participating in the co-curricular Sport program, the school aims to empower young women to pursue athletic interests throughout life, while introducing them to role models in national and international arenas.

In a partnership with the Brisbane Roar FC, the Club’s National Premier League Queensland Women’s squad, coaching staff and squad members deliver a program of mentoring and skill-building activities to students.

With a broad range of knowledge and learning experiences, an optimistic mindset and a determination to create a more just future, Girls Grammar graduates have the skills and confidence to succeed in whatever path their life takes.

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