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Anglican Church Grammar School, known internationally as Churchie, has as its central mission the development of young men of good character, strong intellect and generous spirit who will move confidently into the global community and who will use their talents and gifts to lead and serve others.


The School offers a wonderful variety of learning experiences in local, national and international settings. As an academic institution we deeply value intellectual and scholastic pursuits and recognise our role, in partnership with parents and the community, in assisting our young men to develop habits that will enable them to continue their pursuit of knowledge and learning throughout their lives.


The four founding tenets of the School, scholastic attainment, spiritual awareness, personal growth and service, remain at the core of day-to-day activities. Our values, centred upon the Christian faith, are expressed through the development of concern for others and mutual respect for all.


As a school community, we are dedicated to celebrating achievement, character, creativity and effort across a vast range of academic, sporting, cultural and service pursuits, believing that every boy can achieve success and benefit from a broad, liberal education. Churchie men have for many decades been viewed as well-rounded gentlemen, scholars, athletes, musicians, leaders and servants, who are prepared to make a worthy contribution to the communities in which they live.


A visit to our beautiful campus will reveal a dynamic and purposeful atmosphere as young men and staff go about our core business of learning. Our world-renowned resources, borne of the vision and commitment by so many people for over 100 years, provide an ideal setting for boys to ‘run and grow and learn’ just as the School’s Founder, Canon WPF Morris, had envisioned.

Churchie is committed to providing the best personalised academic pathway that suits the needs of each individual student. We know that boys achieve academic success when they are given the opportunity to experience a challenging program that empowers them to take responsibility for their learning. Such an environment, combined with our high expectations, is one in which boys can thrive.


Our learning is defined by knowing each and every boy. Each student’s journey is mapped through academic profiling, whereby appropriate pathways are designed to meet the boy’s individual needs.

Churchie’s Emotional Intelligence Programs measure and improve a boy’s emotional intelligence. This has positive influence on well-being, scholastic performance, behavior and resilience. Churchie has partnered with Swinburne University to develop this unique program.


Churchie’s New Generation Learning Spaces project recognises that learning environments of the twentieth century are intrinsically linked to the ubiquity of technology. An example of this is our new Hayward Midson Creative Precinct.


Churchie’s Aquila program is designed to nurture the academic talent of gifted boys. It is an essential part of Churchie’s commitment to personalised learning and the pursuit of excellence.

Chuchie’s commitment to personal growth is supported by a comprehensive array of outstanding facilities, all located on-campus and within easy walking distance of each other. Flexible learning areas, classrooms, labs, rehearsal and performance spaces are all close at hand at Churchie:


  • Morris Hall
  • Sir John Pidgeon Sports Complex
  • Hayward Midson Creative Precinct
  • Health and Wellness Centre

Centre for Learning and Innovation (Opening 2017)

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